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RFK & the Decision to Run for President


Looking back more than half a century, most Americans know that Bobby Kennedy was shot while running for president, but not all realize that it was an agonizing decision, that he was late to the game, and that he had a great chance of being victorious. Kennedy could be a polarizing figure. Because he worked tirelessly and held staunchly to his beliefs, those who didn't agree with him though him ruthless and inflexible. However, those who agreed with his vision for a better America adored him and were intensely devoted to him.  Keep Reading....

RFK and Bedford-Stuyvesant

As I shared Part 2 of my blog series here, I realized that I had never shared Part 1! I am not writing a novel about Bobby Kennedy but having been reading a lot about him lately and admire him for everything he did and much that he could have done. One of his projects is featured in this first article in the series, Remembering Robert F Kennedy.


The Compassion of Bobby Kennedy

Part 2 of my Remembering Robert F Kennedy series focuses on his great compassion and desire to make the world a better place.


The Road to Liberation: Trials and Triumphs of WWII

I'm excited to participate in another great blog tour! Today, we get a sneak peek at The Road to Liberation, a collection of stories exploring the trials and triumphs of World War II. Marion Kummero, one of the authors included in this anthology, is on my blog to talk about the inspiration for this book.


Clashing Cousins: Richard II and Bolingbroke


I am pleased to welcome Mercedes Rochelle to my blog today with a great post about Plantagenet cousins Richard II and Henry Bolingbroke.

Lord Tennyson and the Arthurian Legend

The word folk referred to the rural poor who were, for the most part, illiterate. Lore means instruction. So folklore means to instruct the poor. But we understand it as verbal storytelling.

If folklore is just storytelling, is there any truth in the tale of King Arthur and his Knights?


I welcome Mary Anne Yarde to my blog today to answer this question.


Historical Places Spring Break

With travel plans cancelled, I decided to host spring break on my blog this week. Here are the posts if you're interested in some virtual travel.



Nassau, Bahamas

Charleston, South Carolina

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Boston, Massachusetts

San Antonio, Texas

The Birth of Modernism

I am happy to welcome Drema Drudge to my blog as part of her Coffee Pot Book Club blog tour!


Virtual Travel: London

I have been resharing posts from my Historic Places blog series while everyone is stuck at home. I hope you are all well. Hopefully, social distancing is not such a chore for my bibliophile friends. If you are interested in some virtual travel, here are 'stops' in London.


St Paul's Cathedral


Big Ben


Tower of London



Diagnosing Radium Poisoing

How did the radium girls tragedy occur? Diagnosing radium poisoning was a huge part of the problem.


Read more on my blog.  :-)


Luminous Cover Reveal!

Coming this summer . . . . 


Luminous: The Story of a Radium Girl

Catherine Donohue was a quiet Catholic girl from a small Midwestern town, but she stood up to the radium industry, workers' compensation laws, and the Illinois Industrial Commission when her work as a dial painter left her body ravaged by radium poisoning. Her quest for social justice in the era between World Wars is emotive and inspiring.

It’s too late for me, but maybe it will help some of the others.

~ Catherine Wolfe Donohue



Available soon in paperback and on Kindle.

Radium's Death Toll

My next book will take a close look at one family's struggle with the effects of radium poisoning.


FREE on Kindle - today only!

Elizabeth of York was born on February 11, 1466, and died exactly 37 years later. In honor of the Plantagenet princess who became the first Tudor queen, I am offering my novel FREE. Today only.


Faithful Traitor Group Read

The Tudor History Lovers group on Goodreads is reading and discussing my novel, Faithful Traitor: The Story of Margaret Pole this month! Join them for fun Tudor history chats.


Farewell to Anne: A Plantagenet Embers Short Story

A Gift for You!
Merry Christmas, dear readers! This short story is a little gift from me to you, featuring Richard III's point-of-view during a scene from 'Plantagenet Princess Tudor Queen'. Happy reading!


The Giving of Gifts

I am participating in the Historical Writers Forum Christmas blog hop today with a short post on the history of gift giving. There is also a gift for my readers at the end!