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Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Murder On The Orient Express - Agatha Christie

Sometimes I think books receive higher ratings due to their mysteriously obtained status as classics. I am often curious how some books become timeless household names while others fall into obscurity, and this book would be a great example of that phenomenon.

Through stilted dialogue and almost no detailed scenery, this murder mystery plays out as sort of a campy Sherlock Holmes. Poirot has Sherlock's arrogance and power of observation, but comes across as more accidental and goofy in his successes. Other characters are similarly shallow, and most irritatingly of all the evidence is summarized no less than 4 times in this 212 page book.

The mystery, the solution to which starts to become clear about half way through the novel, is implausible at best, but it is a fun, quick read. I admit that the solution chosen in the end did cause me to bump up what I had been thinking was a fairly solid 3 star read for most of the book.