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Tales of the White Boar by JP Reedman

Tales of the White Boar: Short Stories and Poems About Richard III - J.P. Reedman

This collection of short stories is a well written sample of episodes in the life of Richard III before he was king. Written with a Ricardian leaning, the stories range from his childhood while awaiting the attack at Ludlow to a story that doesn't involve Richard at all but is told from the point of view of the duke of Buckingham's ghost.

Reedman is a writer of both fantasy and history, which is clear in this collection. Two of the short stories feature ghostly characters, which isn't normally my cup of tea though I still enjoyed them.

Another story included is one told from Anne Neville's point of view. It begins after the death of her son, Edward, as she struggles with knowing that her own health is also in decline. Richard continues to care for her as though he does not also see that she is dying.

Each story and poem is followed up by a note from the author with more detail about the history of the featured historical event and her personal thoughts. The Ludlow story especially seemed to end rather abruptly, but I also don't read many short stories. I would be happy to read a full length novel by this author.