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Tyrant of the Mind by Priscilla Royal

Tyrant of the Mind - Priscilla Royal

I adored Priscilla Royal's first Medieval Mystery, Wine of Violence. The multifaceted creation of Prioress Eleanor and the monk, Thomas, was captivating and well written. Therefore, I was all the more disappointed when this installment fell flat.

In Tyrant of the Mind, Eleanor and Thomas are back, but are far from their abbey. Travelling to Eleanor's ancestral home to care for her ill nephew, they find themselves once again in the center of a murder investigation.

Since death follows these two like Angela Lansbury, they quickly take charge of the hunt for a murderer, uncovering a wide variety of family secrets along the way. As the killer struggles to cover their tracks with more violence, the need to discover the truth becomes essential.

Unfortunately, each of these new characters was bland and unlikable. Even Eleanor and Thomas failed to capture my attention the way they did in the first mystery. And, call me a prude, but I simply grew tired of hearing the details of each character's sexual issues.

Here's hoping for more from the next in this series, Sorrow Without End.