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Loyaulte (Tales of the White Boar II) by JP Reedman

Loyaulte: Stories of King Richard III: Tales of the White Boar 2 - J.P. Reedman

This second installment of short stories by JP Reedman was even more enjoyable than the first and is building up some excitement about reading her full length novel featuring Richard III. My only disappointment was with the nature of the short stories, ending too soon when I wanted to read more.

Three stories are included in this short Kindle book.

Seventh Son relates the experience of Cecily Neville when she gives birth to Richard. Exile details the escapades of Richard and his brother, Edward IV, when they are forced to flee England after Warwick and Clarence betray them. Each of these stories demonstrated the author's knowledge of the time period, creating believable characterizations and scenes.

The Healing Waters of Malvern is the final, and my favorite, short story in this collection. Told from Anne Neville's point of view, we get an idea of what it would have been like for her to be shuffled from side to side in England's dynastic wars by her father. Forced to marry the son of one she has grown up believing was the enemy, Anne may be physically frail but she shows that she has the inner strength of a York warrior. I enjoyed this story and the unique details and point of view used in it.

This collection did not include the fantasy elements that were heavily featured in the first collection, which is probably a significant reason why I enjoyed it more. I look forward to reading more from this author.