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Indie Authors #RecommendAway

Alright, I'm going to give this a shot AND try not to mention my own books. (Please read them anyway.)


1. With less than five reviews on Amazon

Loyaulte: Stories of King Richard III: Tales of the White Boar 2 by JP Reedman has two reviews. One of them is mine.

2. Whose book you won in a BookLikes Giveaway

I have not won a BookLikes giveaway, but I don't generally enter them.

3. Whose book you could only manage to read three chapters of. (If the book is really bad three chapters is enough – sometimes too much. (Ever wonder why publishers and agents ask for your first three chapters? Because everything for sure will be revealed – including the author’s lack of craft – in those few chapters. Simply stated – it won’t get better.)

The King's Favourite Son by Jan Foxall - I can't often go wrong with a story about Plantagenets, but I did here.

4. Whose book you hated but nonetheless reviewed

The French Orphan by Michael Stolle (This list is starting to make me feel mean.)

5. Whose book you hated and wrote and an honest review of

Isn't this the same question? I always write an honest review.

6. Whose book you tried to read but was so badly formatted you had to quit because of the onset of a category five headache

I am generous with independent authors when it comes to formatting because I understand the challenge. Oh, do I understand. I have never read a book where formatting was an overwhelming problem, but I've heard of others encountering cut off text and complete lack of readability. (My response for #8 came close.)

7. Whose book you threw across the room in frustration because of all the typos, grammar and other sloppy mistakes that showed a lack of respect for the reader

The author that most makes me want to throw her books across the room is not an indie author and would likely console herself by rolling around in piles of cash made from her millions of sales.


8. Whose book was so self-indulgent it made you feel nauseous

Scared Courage by Muriel Gill

9 . Whose book was okay and you wrote a constructive review of

I would rate this much better than "okay" (4 stars actually) but I did write a constructive review that was well received. Loyalty by Matthew Lewis

10 .Whose book you loved and can’t believe it isn’t a best seller and wrote a glowing review of

Alex Brondarbit's Loyalty Bound

Matthew Harffy's The Serpent Sword

11. Whose book is so good, so special and has so little recognition you feel there’s still hope for your own books (this is Rod's favourite)

David Pilling's White Hawk trilogy. Loved every page of it - Revenge, Loyalty, and Survival 


(clearly I like books titled 'Loyalty'.)