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August Reading Roundup...or Reading Plans Fall Apart

The Serpent Sword - Matthew Harffy Watch the Lady: A Novel - Elizabeth Fremantle A Place of Greater Safety - Hilary Mantel The House of Silk: A Sherlock Holmes Novel - Anthony Horowitz Wolf's Head - Steven A. McKay Little Women [LITTLE WOMEN -OS N/D] - Louisa May(Author) ;  Cauti,  Camille(Introduction by) Alcott A Perilous Alliance: A Tudor mystery featuring Ursula Blanchard (An Ursula Blanchard Elizabethan Mystery) - Fiona Buckley The Fall of Satan - Bodie Hodge

I like to think that I have good excuses for my reading plan going completely awry, but, excuses or no, it fell apart quite thoroughly. The only reason my reading accomplishments for the month don't look entirely pathetic is because the above includes two audio books and two DNFs. That's right, I actually completed reading four books this month.


*Samantha hangs her head in shame.*


That hasn't stopped me from accepting more books to review and assaulting NetGalley with requests, so I have a larger TBR than ever that I hope to attack with greater effectiveness in September.


August Summary:


Audio Books:

Little Women

Watch the Lady



A Perilous Alliance

The Fall of Satan


More Historical than Fiction Book Club:

A Place of Greater Safety


Indie Reads:

The Serpent Sword

Wolf's Head


Best Book of August:

The Serpent Sword by Matthew Harffy - no competition whatsoever, loved this book!