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Russka: The Novel of Russia
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Mark Batterson
The Poisonwood Bible
Barbara Kingsolver

Kindle Novellas for December

Fields of the Fatherless - Elaine Marie Cooper Knight of the Cross - Steven A. McKay The Last Crusade - K T Tomb Boudicca: Britain's Queen of the Iceni - Laurel A. Rockefeller Caesar's Sword (I): The Red Death - David Pilling Siege of Rome - David Pilling 1914 (The War Years Book 1) - James Farner Season of the Raven - Denise Domning Sons of York: Richard III and his Brothers (Tales of the White Boar Book 3) - J.P. Reedman Sacred King: Richard III: Sinner, Sufferer, Scapegoat, Sacrifice - J. P. Reedman

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by my reading goal, I have found some quick Kindle reads to help me fit in my last nine books of the year. (Thanks to YouKneeK for reminding me of Goodreads' sorting by number of pages function!) If you are feeling the reading challenge pressure, check these out. They are mostly books that I have picked up for free at some point & are probably still free or inexpensive. I'm not sure if they meet everyone's definition of a novella, but they are all under 200 pages, and several are under 100 pages.


So, here it is, my second attempt at a December reading list. I also have Little Paris Bookshop and The Old Betrayal in progress. 2015 won't defeat me!