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A Beautiful Blue Death by Charles Finch

A Beautiful Blue Death - Charles Finch

I ended up agreeing with the couple of friends I have that previously reviewed this book. I'm glad that my introduction to this series was the seventh book, because I would not have carried on if this was my only impression. Charles Lenox comes across as a frumpy old man in this book when I believe he is in his early-mid 30s. His relationship to curiously named Lady Jane Grey is close enough to make the reader wonder why they don't just get on with it then. Overall, his character was much better developed and enjoyable in An Old Betrayal, where he comes across as younger and more energetic despite the book taking place about a decade later.


As for the mystery, it was satisfying if not amazing. A variety of storylines going on at once keep the resolution from being too obvious, but there were parts of the book that I was uncertain of their relevance. 


Listening to this as an audio book, I did not immediately pick up on each of the historical anachronisms that other reviewers have pointed out. The most glaring, Lenox repeatedly treating his servants to days off and naps by the fire, are difficult to miss.


I will carry on with this series because of what I know is coming much more than because of what I read in this particular book.