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What to read in 2016

I haven't started a summary of 2015 reading yet, but I have started thinking about how I want to move forward. I think I will continue the monthly TBRs, though I will also probably veer from them and leave them incomplete as much as I did this year. In the end, they did help me keep my reading priorities set.


To begin thinking about what I wanted to read, I started looking through my Goodreads TBR. This shelf had 377 books on it that I had at some point thought I wouldn't want to forget about. This doesn't include 220 books on a separate Kindle-freebie shelf and 97 'possibilities.' I started the possibilities shelf because the TBR was getting out of control, and I thought this might help me keep my 'really want to read this' books separated from 'if a copy comes my way I'll read it' books. 


The problem? That's not how I started my TBR, so each of these shelves is equally likely to contain a book that I really do want to read, but it is buried under hundreds of others.


Another problem? Some of these are books that I physically own but am not that interested in. I received them as gifts or got them at a box sale. If I remove them from my digital shelf, I'm in danger of doing something stupid like purchasing them again. So, I'll need to create a solution for those.


Long story short - I should be writing, but instead I'm trying to decide if it is possible for me to read 600 books in a year. Oh, how I wish I could.


I am considering goals that will help, such as being more choosy about my audio books. This accounts for about a quarter of my books read, but I select them based on what I can get for free. I think I need to up my game on this and will probably try the trial for Kindle Unlimited to see how much I can listen to that way.


With so many books and so little time, how do you decide what will stay on the TBR?