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Food & Feasts in Tudor Times by Richard Balkwill

Food & Feasts in Tudor Times - Richard Balkwill

I knew going into this that it was a book directed at children, but that was alright. A basic overview and some ideas to slip into my current WIP were all I was really looking for. This book has some recipes in the back and a section on a noble feast, so it seemed sufficient. Then I reached the paragraph with the oft repeated myth regarding meat being highly spiced to cover up rot.


Meat was less expensive than spices in the 16th century.


I'm not sure where this idea originated, and I'm sure that some questionable meat was slathered in garlic and served up anyway, then as now. However, to imagine that this was commonplace is just plain silly. After all, rotten meat would still make people sick if they ate it. 


This book did not provide much more than a quick online search, but if kids are interested in history enough to pick it up I consider that a good thing.