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Honest Marketing

As an independent writer, I strive to be honest in my marketing (which is really limited to some social media posts). Since this is a topic that comes up frequently in blogs on Booklikes, I would like to open a conversation about it in the hopes of helping writers who are not just trying to work the system.


Your feedback on what works, what doesn't, and what has a detrimental effect is what I am looking for.


In terms of efforts to get my book noticed, I blog about the history of the era, guest blog on related websites, and am an active reviewer myself (this part you guys know). I also post regularly on Twitter and am curious about what you guys think about some of my posts.


I use this image when I am sharing a link to a recent 5 star review on Goodreads or Amazon.


I use this image when linking to 4 star reviews, author interviews, or other random items related to my book. The recent discussion on what makes a book a best seller made me wonder if I should be using this. Is it a turn off rather than impressive statement? I refer to my book as a best seller in Biographical Historical Fiction because it has been #1 in this category and is almost always in the top 10. It has also been in the Top 100 overall paid Kindle store (UK figures). In your mind, does this justify the use of the term best seller, or am I being one of 'those people'? 


I also use images like this, where I quote an excerpt from a review and include a link to the review. Based on several discussions on Booklikes, I wonder if this is something that reviewers frown upon. I do not mind myself, but I have read many comments regarding reviews being personal material that should not be used by authors. Is the fact that I link to the full review enough?


There has also been some discussion of indie awards being meaningless to serious readers. Does an image like this one have no impact? I use this with either a link to purchase the book or a link to the full HNS review.


And this is the banner I have for events this summer. Does it make you want to stop by my table?


I appreciate your feedback because my goal is to be honest in what I put forward. Yes, I want to sell my book, but I want to do it with integrity. I don't write to sell. I write what is in my heart, and I want my marketing, such as it is, to reflect that.




Addendum: Images used for '1LineWednesday'



Addendum 2:

So, based on your feedback, I thought some book quotes like these would be fun featuring different people. What do you think? (honestly!)