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February Reading Roundup

The Heretic - Henry Vyner-Brooks How To Be A Tudor: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Everyday Life - Ruth Goodman Medieval Britain in 100 Facts - Matthew           Lewis A Rule Against Murder - Louise Penny Ivanhoe - Walter Scott Food & Feasts in Tudor Times - Richard Balkwill The Jesuit Letter - William Dean Hamilton A Burnable Book - Bruce   Holsinger

A great month of reading with some gorgeous book covers - just what I needed after a couple of disappointing months.


I'm still working my way through Jesuit Letter and A Burnable Book but had to include them because - look at those covers! Yes, I am in cover love this month.


How to be a Tudor was fabulous & I will get a review up for it soon. However, the best book of the month was definitely Henry Vyner-Brooks' The Heretic. It is an amazingly stand out novel, complex & thought provoking but also full of action.


Best Book:

The Heretic


Audio Books:

A Rule Against Murder


A Burnable Book



The Heretic

Medieval Britain in 100 Facts

The Jesuit Letter