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The Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman

The Light Between Oceans: A Novel - M.L. Stedman

This book was a Goodreads Choice award winner for 2012, so it was the sort of fluff that tends to be a money maker. The author constantly yanks at your emotions, so that you don't have much time to sit back and consider how implausible the entire thing really is.


This is the story of a man who does the right thing. All the time. Unless his wife wants him to do something else.


It is the story of a woman who so desperately wants a baby that you almost feel sorry for her. Except that she is selfish and obsessive and just downright icky.


It is the story of another woman who is just as obsessive but evokes more sympathy despite her inability to do life when it doesn't go her way.


This is a book that contains some odd tense changes that made me wrinkle my forehead. I don't like wrinkles.


There is lots of tragedy in this book, as one might expect for a story taking place directly after WWI. The references to the war were the parts of the story that I liked the most. Since it takes place in Australia, I was glad to have done the WWI in 100 Stories class that focused on the war for Australians. Most of the tragedies in this novel, however, are the creation of the characters themselves and could have been avoided if Isabel wasn't a selfish, controlling weirdo and Tom wasn't a noble pushover.


As an audiobook, this was an alright listen, though I will confess to falling asleep to it more than once.