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Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Allegiant - Aaron Stanford, Emma Galvin, Veronica Roth

I have so many questions.


Why did I torture myself with reading this after seeing so much negative feedback about it? And why did I think that listening to it on audio would be better? (It's not. The only thing worse than skimming through constant scenes of teenage lust is listening to it. Bleh.)


Why is this doomed future world ruled by a bunch of self-righteous teenagers? 


Is the moral lesson that it's alright to target an entire community as long as you can make loose parallels between what they are doing and horrific acts of the past? Did I already ask why we're letting teenagers make these decisions?


Why do all the characters sound exactly the same (writing not just narration)?


Why are there chapters switching points of view when the two characters are always together?


Ugh. There is no way that the movie can not improve upon this. At least it will be quicker.