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An Update

I have not been very present lately, but really, it's me not you. I wish I could say that it is because I've been busy with my daughter's class trip to Washington DC quickly followed by a few days in Kalamazoo for the Medieval Studies Congress. These events are partly to blame, as is the fact that I have started production of an audio book version of Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen, and Faithful Traitor's release date is fast approaching.


My level of mental blankness and absence is unfortunately due to something much more life-changing than any of these. I have debated for three weeks now whether or not to approach this publicly, but you, my Booklikes family, deserves an explanation.


On May 3, a beautiful girl was killed in a tragic car accident. When I say beautiful, I mean inside and out. The kind of girl you want your son to marry. A girl I thought my son might someday marry. Two days later, my son had his 17th birthday which was also prom night. He bravely wore the tux that had been chosen to match her dress and wore her corsage as he attended the night's festivities after leaving her viewing. He has been supporting their friends throughout his own grief and has demonstrated to me that he is a man, no longer my little boy. 


This was not the way things were supposed to go. I am trying to trust God's timing. His mercy. His love. But it is still difficult to think or to worry about writing a blog or book review. I know you guys understand. In the meantime, I thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


This photo is from when they were in a production of Cinderella together earlier this year.