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The Game's Afoot (Band of Brothers) by Richard Foreman

Band of Brothers: The Game's Afoot - Richard Foreman

This quick, adventurous story is slightly more than a novella but also not quite a novel. It has potential for a great book, but it feels something like a first draft that was not taken through the rest of the process. Because Thomas Chaucer is the protagonist, the reader is treated to (or annoyed by depending upon your point of view) endless references to his dead father & his poetry. However, Thomas is not alone. He is surrounded by his carefully selected band of brothers.

The characters are not fully developed, partially due to the briefness of the book and also due to the focus on fighting, drinking, and whoring. Of course, I expect some of all of these when picking up a book like this, but I also expect something more. Their task is to keep Henry V safe and uncover plots brewing against him as he prepares for his French campaign. With one notable exception, they are able to do so without any great challenge.

Overall, this is a light read that can easily be wrapped up in a day or over a weekend, and sometimes that is a good thing.