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Sharon Kay Penman

Enough about authors behaving badly. Let's talk about an author who is awesome beyond belief. If you haven't read anything by SKP, please do. Her books are amazing, thoroughly researched, and bring historical figures to life. Her books are what made me fall in love with the Plantagenet dynasty.


I have met Sharon at a book signing, and my signed books of hers are my most prized possessions.



More recently, a mutual friend offered to give Sharon a copy of one of my books. Excitement. Nervousness. Yes! Sharon should have my book. No! My books do not in any way measure up to hers.


I sent a signed copy of Plantagenet Princess, Tudor Queen to be passed along to Sharon.


This week, I received an email from Sharon. I had a giddy as a schoolgirl moment in the middle of the store I was shopping in with my teenage boys. Oh. My. Goodness!


She thanked me for sending the book, mentioned my newest novel, and talked about how busy she was with writing her next novel. I wouldn't be more excited if I received an email from the president.


Today, she demonstrated even more kindness and mentioned my novels on her blog


The community of independent writers has been incredibly supportive, but I would have never expected a New York bestselling author to take the time to mention me. What a classy lady. She just made my day again.