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Help a girl out....again

Since you all have been so wonderful with input regarding book covers, titles, marketing images, and everything else, I thought I would solicit your advice once again. I am discovering that it is difficult to continue researching & writing while marketing existing books! I feel like I need two of me. Anyway, here are my current conundrums.


Series title - Since Plantagenet Princess Tudor Queen has sparked a trilogy, I need a series name in order to tie them together on Goodreads & Amazon. I've used 'Rise of the Tudors' on Amazon simply to create a connection between the two existing books, but I don't really love it (and it's used in other titles/series). I would have loved something to do with the Plantagenet remnant, except that the third book is about Mary Tudor. So, ideas? 


New book name - I have an entire page filled with potential names for my Mary Tudor book, which is at this point mostly a pile of notes. I would like something that makes it clear that this is a positive look at Mary without turning off those who are adamant about her being 'Bloody Mary'. Some of my favorites so far:


Queen of Regrets

Tragic Queen

Long Awaited Princess

Cursed Queen

Forgotten Queen

Daughter of the King


I considered some of the same words with 'Reign of....' but the other titles describe the women featured, so this one probably should too. Any thoughts, preferences, suggestions?


I'm also attempting to streamline and increase the effectiveness of my time spent on social media. I don't have an email list, but am thinking about writing a 'newsletter' type blog post each month where I could recap blogs, highlight reviews, & mention other book news. Does this sound worthwhile, like something you would read? I've also added a page to my blog with links to other interviews & articles I've done. Any feedback is appreciated!