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The Path of the Crooked by Ellery Adams

The Path of the Crooked - Ellery Adams

This book was kind of like fast food - quick and easy but not incredibly satisfying. It was your cookie-cutter cozy mystery, complete with the heartbroken protagonist, shallow sister, homecooking mama, rough around the edges grandma, awkward handsome new guy, the sleazy secretary....you get the idea.


The mystery was also not too complicated or original, though it held my interest well enough for an audiobook that I listen to while doing housework or driving. It was apparently complicated enough for this group of amateurs, who weren't too quick on the uptake themselves, to always be a step ahead of the police. Heaven help us if real investigations are this hopeless.


If there is one thing done well in this book, it is that the Hope Street Church Bible study group is presented as a more realistic gathering of people than is normally found in Christian fiction. The self-absorbed real estate agent, womanizer, and (literally) blind leader are far from perfect. Instead of a group of church goers with it all together & the Bible memorized, as is often presented in this genre, they are real people with glaring faults, if they are a little bit prepackaged, like the overweight guy who is always eating.


Not a bad book, but not one that has inspired me to continue with the series.