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Producing an audio book as an indie author

When I released my first audio book (something I never dreamed I'd be doing!), some of you expressed interest in the process. This isn't the kind of thing that I normally write about, & I would probably never prioritize it and get it done. Therefore, I was happy to see that another indie author has written just such a post


Tony Riches is an independent writer who reached out to me early, offering assistance and asking nothing in return. I had only written one book that almost nobody purchased, but he gave me marketing tips, invited me as a guest on his blog, and created my first book trailer. All just to help another writer starting out.


So, this type of post is right up his alley. It is written to help other writers figure out what they need to do, or to give curious readers a look at what it takes to produce an audio book. Enjoy!

Source: http://tonyriches.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/how-to-produce-great-audiobook-with.html