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Jane Shore by Mary Bennett

Jane Shore - Mary Bennett

This is another old novel being given new life in order to take advantage of the current surge in interest in the Wars of the Roses. I appreciate a Victorian era novel as much as the next girl, but not this one.


One of the problems that publishers tossing out these old books with new covers do not seem to have considered is that there is much stiffer competition out there than when these novels first hit the scene. In 1888, the story of Jane Shore as a 15 year old that various men are attempting to steal from her father may have been more interesting (and less gross). However, today dozens of other books tell the story in a more satisfying, and more historically accurate, manner.


Of course, I knew all this going into this read and still thought that the perspective of Jane Shore might have something new to offer. It didn't. The book is not really told from Jane's perspective. She is more of an inanimate object that people are fighting over. I will admit that it didn't take long for me to begin skimming, but Jane never seemed to do anything other than what was demanded of her.


Then there's the flowery Victorian language. Again, there are some books of this era that I love, but this book seemed to use a lot of words but never say anything. Characters were shallow and boring. Maybe it got better after I had lost patience and utilized speed-reading mode to get to the end, but I doubt it.



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