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The Colour of Gold by Toni Mount

The Colour of Gold: A Sebastian Foxley Medieval Short Story (Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery Book 2) - Toni Mount

This is a wonderful little short story to whet the appetite of anyone who is desperately waiting for the next installment in Toni Mount's Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mysteries. Sebastian is as lovable, awkward, and clever as ever as he marries the love of his life, a fact he can scarcely believe until she is there at the altar. And she is not the only special person at the celebrations. Ricardians will appreciate the presence of a fun-loving Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Even with his wedding day nerves, Sebastian manages to handily solve the mystery of a stolen gold livery collar. With the author's expert descriptions of clothes, food, and the London surroundings, it is easy to become completely captivated and read the entire story in one sitting.


I eagerly await more of this series!