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The Fifth Knight by EM Powell

The Fifth Knight - E.M. Powell

This was a fun adventure to listen to that poses the question: What if that fateful day in Canterbury was not just about a quarrel between Henry II and Thomas Becket? What if there was much more to it? What if, in fact, Thomas was not even the primary target?


Obviously, this novel has to work outside of what we think we know about the murder of Thomas Becket, so one has to be prepared for that. If you are open to the what-ifs in history, this book is right up your alley. It is a fast paced adventure, unlikely romance, and mystery. At one point it seems that everyone is on the same side, leaving the reader to wonder why they are fighting then. And that's when the next bomb drops.


I can't say too much more without giving away one of the twists and turns of the plot, but if you are drawn to the story of the four knights who secured their place in history on December 29, 1170, this book gives you a peek at what it could have been.


This was great as an audiobook that I was happy to find available through Kindle Unlimited.