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Chasing Sunsets by Karen Kingsbury

Chasing Sunsets: A Novel (Angels Walking) - Karen Kingsbury

I was a little angry when I finished this book. That probably seems an odd reaction to a light, romantic, Christian novel, but there it is. Like so many other Christian authors, Kingsbury just cannot resist the temptation to make everything turn out alright.


I may be a little jaded, but sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes people die. Sometimes really wonderful, young, beautiful people die. It has nothing to do with people not praying enough or their lives not being worth it. I have no idea why God makes the decisions that he sometimes makes, but with a difficult anniversary close on the horizon, I needed something different than what this book is offering.


The idea behind this series is exploring how angels interact with humans, guiding and helping, but with limits on how much they can interfere. Do I believe this can happen? Definitely! Does every good Christian always have life turn out the way we think it should? Definitely not.


I really enjoy some scenes in these books (I suppose this is sort of a review of this book and the first which I didn't write a review for), but I also keep waiting for reality to kick in. The faith of the characters is inspiring at times, but at others the story gets too fluffy. The author tries to set a darker tone in this book, claiming that it is one of the most difficult and dangerous missions that these angels have been on, but the plot just doesn't back that up.


On the other hand, I do want to continue with the series. There is just enough here that keeps me invested in the characters and the exploration of guardian angels that I can't quite put it aside.