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Spiritual Warfare: 9 Studies

Spiritual Warfare: 9 Studies - Jack Kuhatscheck We used this book for a small group Bible study of four families and it inspired some really great discussions. I personally feel that each of us had our faith increased and our ability to cope with the temptations and trials of this world strengthened. This series has very little pre-reading, so it was nice for some our group members who were not into preparing ahead of time. We would read the verses for the chapter together and then go through the questions. Many would answer the questions on their own ahead of time, but not all did. Due to the way this study is set up, all were still able to fully participate in the discussion. This book is well-suited to a 45-60 minute group study time, though we often allowed our discussion to fill much more time than that as we shared personal examples and encouragements. I have done a few LifeGuide study books, and this has been my favorite so far.