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Christian Caregiving: A Way of Life

Christian Caregiving Way of Life - Kenneth C. Haugk I read this book for Stephen Ministry training. The content of this book is valuable for this ministry or for anyone who is in a caregiving situation, which is all of us really. We all care for those around us and this book gives us ideas on how to do that more effectively. The author, Kenneth Haugk is trained both as a pastor and psychologist, and throughout the book he brings the two together to help teach us how to fully care for a person. I especially liked the example dialogue that he gives in several different chapters. For example, he offers many ways to give someone a blessing from a formal straight-out-of-scripture approach to the simple "God be with you." He also doesn't assume that everyone we will care for will be Christian and gives lots of good advice on being a Christian caregiver while keeping the other person comfortable and building a trusting relationship.