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James Potter and the Curse of the Gate Keeper (James Potter, #2)

James Potter and the Curse of the Gate Keeper (James Potter, #2) -  Johnny Atomic, G. Norman Lippert I almost quit reading this book several times, but there was just enough hinted at to make me want to carry on. As other reviewers have pointed out, the characters in this book spend way too much time sitting around talking about how amazing their parents were (or people they knew). I'm pretty sure that no 11-13 year old does that no matter how famous their parents may be. It's as though Lippert is trying to constantly remind us that this is a Harry Potter story.

The real reason that I almost gave up was how long it takes to get around to the real action. I was over 50% through this book (30% in the first of the series) before I felt that something interesting enough was going on to make me want to read it, and this was really only because he throws the founders of Hogwarts into the story. In the end, I'm still not sure it was worth it and I do not know if I will continue with this series. I'm being rather generous here with a 3/5.