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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin - Benjamin Franklin This was a very interesting and informative book made up of letters from Benjamin Franklin to his son over the course of several decades. I listened to it on audiobook which was neat because I sometimes felt like Franklin was sitting right next to me sharing stories of his life. Given the personal letter style, I felt like he became a friend rather than just someone I was reading about. Franklin shares what he learned from his long and active life not hesitating to admit where he made mistakes that had severe repercussions. He talks about his desires to make himself the best person he can be for the sake of his country and those around him. If only more people had a similar attitude today! There are so many little quips and tidbits of wisdom in this book that it would be impossible for me to share them all, but anyone who reads this book will be given something to consider for their own lives.

If you are looking for a history of the Revolutionary War, this is not it. Very few mentions are made of some events leading toward war, though there is more detail of Franklin's involvement in the French Indian War. What is covered in this book is highly enjoyable, but it is by no means comprehensive look at Franklin's life.

I would have liked to have a hardcopy of this book just to make note of all the little bits of wisdom in it, but listening to it was a great method of taking it in - I would recommend either. Benjamin Franklin was a amazing man and this book is a great way to learn more about lesser known parts of his life.