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Magnificent Century - Thomas B. Costain This is the first of Costain's books that I have read and I am anxious to read more. Reading this reminded me of sitting in history class in college - yes there is a lot of information, no it is not a quick, easy read - but a century (the 13th) worth of information is presented in a way that you learn and are fixated at the same time. Since this was a time period I had not read much about beforehand, I was on the edge of my seat at some times wondering what would happen next. The story of Simon de Montfort is amazing & heart touching, as are several others that are told of prominant people of the period. His is my favorite because he was brave, willing to stand up for rights of the common man (far ahead of his time), virtuous, and loyal to his family. The story of Henry III is enough to make you wonder how England's monarchy lasted as long as it has and how people convince themselves that being born of a certain family makes them able to rule. (Don't get me wrong I love England and reading about it's history, but this guy was awful!) This is a book of factual history presented in a readable, enjoyable fashion. It is not embellished historical fiction with made up characters and literary license taken with the past. If you are interested in reading about what really happened more than light entertainment, this book is an excellent choice.