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The Power of a Woman's Words - Sharon Jaynes This is a very thought provoking book that asks us to evaluate what we choose to say to others. There are chapters on words specifically to our children, spouse, friends, ect. Jaynes gives many personal and Biblical examples of words gone wrong . . . and right. This book teaches patience and consideration when it comes to what we speak. While society tells us that we have the right to say whatever we want whenever we want. Jaynes reminds us that this might not always be wise even if it is "allowed." I found this book very helpful in my personal quest to use my words wisely and be a blessing to those around me. The workbook that goes along with it is good, but I did not get nearly as much out of using it. I think I would have enjoyed just reading this book on it's own without the accompanying study workbook, but it was nice to have for our group study.