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Farm Boy - Michael Morpurgo 'Farm Boy' is a cute short story based on the descendants of the characters from 'War Horse'. Unfortunately, it is missing two of the key items that made 'War Horse' so compelling: the horse's point of view and World War I.

This book is incredibly short (my edition is 106 pages of large type and many large illustrations), so it is also nowhere near as in depth as the first installment. It is told from the point of view of Albert's great-great grandson while he visits his own grandfather (Albert's son) at the farm. The grandfather tells stories of his own father and his horse, Joey, which is how this ties in with 'War Horse'.

The emotions that ran strong in the first book, just don't exist in this one. Also, it seems to be written at a lower grade level, which is odd for a sequel. My 11 year old loved 'War Horse' as much as I did and we cried together over Joey's hardships. She wouldn't even give this one a second glance. I would estimate it's at more of an 8 year old level.

Still, it was a nice little story that doesn't take long to read. If you are interested in what happened to Joey and Albert after the war, this gives you a little taste of that.