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The Tudor Rose: The Story of the Queen Who United a Kingdom and Birthed a Dynasty - Margaret Campbell Barnes The only aspect of this book that I enjoyed was the subject matter. I was looking for something on Elizabeth of York, who seems to be a quite overlooked part of history considering she is the link between the Plantagenet and Tudor dynasties. This novel covers most of her life (for some reason it ends shortly before her death rather than following her to the end), but not in a detailed or completely accurate way. For the first third of he book I felt that it was a quick, easy read but not necessarily bad. The more I got into it the more I was annoyed by things like Francis Lovell showing up at the court of Henry VII, Margaret Beaufort and her cloying sweetness (I kept waiting for this to turn out to be underhanded, but no, just annoying), and Elizabeth never seeming to truly care about anything. Her brothers are murdered, uncle betrayed & killed, & even her own children die, and the closest she comes to expressing strong feelings about any of it is when she's afraid for her own life. This, of course, quickly passes as well. Other than one little plot twist near the end which I did enjoy, the story is simplistic and characters bland. Most of the characters are painfully good, except for Richard III who is a caricature of a villain and Henry VII who is frequently described as cold and businesslike. Hoping to find something more satisfying on Elizabeth to try next.