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The Plantagenet Prelude (Plantagenet 1) - Jean Plaidy I read this based on fairly positive reviews and the fact that I normally love reading anything about the Plantagenets. This is one of the few books that I have started that I did not make myself finish. From the first few pages I was annoyed by the author's habit of repeating the same information over and over (and over) again. By the time I was told the 10th time in the first chapter that Eleanore's father desired a male heir and Eleanore was offended by this idea, I was quite disappointed. However, I pressed on hoping for the writing, or at least the story, to improve. Eleanore continues to be presented not only as the strong, bold, intelligent woman I believed her to be, but a conniving, sleezy, two-dimensional one as well. By the time she was contemplating an affair with Saladin (which, historically, could not have actually happened), I was done. I didn't even get as far as my beloved Henry II being introduced. How people make it through this 14 book series, I have no idea. The writing is ameteurish and condecending, the characters poorly developed, and the storyline historically inaccurate. I wanted to like it. I was excited about finding a new lengthy series to read, but I will not be carrying on with this one.