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The Klipfish Code - Mary Casanova The Klipfish Code is a fast paced novel about a young girl named Marit living in Norway during World War II. The author does an admirable job of bringing awareness of Nazi atrocities while keeping the details at a level appropriate for children at about a fifth grade reading level. Marit has to make some mature, responsible decisions when her home is bombed by Germans and she and her brother are sent to live with her grandfather. She resents his attitude towards the invaders and struggles with her own feelings. She is torn between doing what she feels is right and keeping herself and her family safe.

The fate of Norwegians is not a frequently written about aspect of World War II, so I found this book an interesting, quick read. Though this book is written at a level appropriate for 9-12 year olds who are interested in history, it is well-written enough to keep a more mature reader involved in the story as well.