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The Ledger - Lloyd Holm

"Hans Krüger, a German army officer, must conceal his love for Aimée Ferrand, a beautiful young French woman of Jewish descent whose family he has heard about his entire life. Their fathers, though once enemy combatants, are friends having met one another in No Man's Land during the spontaneous Christmas Truce of World War One. When Hans and Aimée meet for the first time in 1940 during the Nazi occupation of France, they could not have envisioned the course of events that would ensue as Europe spirals into the abyss of global conflict. With World War Two raging and the deportation of Jews escalating, Hans learns Aime and her entire family are intended for arrest and deportation. In response, he executes a daring and courageous plan to rescue them from the fatal grip of the Gestapo, a plan enacted against all odds and borne of selfless love."