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Review: Only a Paper Moon by Tina Pisco

Only A Paper Moon - Tina Pisco

This novel begins with the emergency landing of a B-17 in neutral Ireland during World War II. From here the story goes off on a fictional tangent. I should have paid more attention to the fact that this is listed as a historical romance because it is heavier on the romance than I usually care to read. This plane lands and people start pairing off left and right.

I don't mind a sweet, little love story now and then, but every couple in this book had a creepy factor from the married woman who falls in love with the guy at least a decade younger than her to the 18 year old soldier whose lady love is only 14. I was ready to reserve judgement on this if the author had based it on actual events, but this turns out to be pure imagination.

Pisco does a fabulous job of creating the Irish village of Clonakilty down to the residents' accents. Their wonder over seeing this plane "as big as a mansion" and the monkey who disembarks along with the crew was enjoyable to read about. Even the innocent romances were alright, but I could have done without the sexfest at the end. But that's just me, I'm sure other readers enjoy this culmination of the relationship that builds up throughout the novel. It's just not my thing.

The book ends with a look at where the main characters are 5 years after the American crew takes off again, and it was satisfying and romantic, if more than a little predictable. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy realistic historical romance.