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Review: Night and Day by Virginia Woolf

Night and Day - Virginia Woolf, Julia Briggs

I'm so thankful to be done with this novel. This was my audiobook choice for in the car, while doing housework, and that sort of thing, but I found my mind wandering to the point of putting myself in eminent danger on the road during some portions of this book. Everyone's in love. Nobody's in love. They're really not sure. The entire novel is five people hemming and hawing over how they should couple up. Nothing ever happens except pining and stalking. Boring.

I give it two stars because 1) I finished it 2) There was the occasional witty quip that did make me chuckle. I believe this was recommended to me by Goodreads based on my love of Edith Wharton, but this was not even in the same league.