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How to Read 100 Books

I've recently completed my 2013 reading goal of 110 books. While I realize that there are people out there who read even more, I will undoubtedly hear many exclamations of "How do you do that?" and (my favorite) "I just don't have that kind of time!" I thought I would address these comments with an explanation of how I read over 100 books per year.


Some things I do:

Always have a book with me. If I have more than 30 seconds while I am waiting in line or for one of my children, I am reading.


Listen to audiobooks. All that time in the car and doing housework is transformed into reading time.


Read quickly. Three decades of being a voracious reader has served me well and I am able to finish a book in less time than the average person.


Skim. Not often, but I do skim if a book is not holding my interest. My time is finite and I will not waste it on boring storyline, clunky prose, or repetitious dialog.


Some things I don't do:

Watch TV or play video games. The above comments frequently come from people who watch TV and play games on their iPhones for hours each day. I am convinced that most people do not realize the quantity of time they spend on these activities. I skip them. I stick to a couple of shows per week, and the only game app on my phone is the Ultimate History Challenge.


Listen to the radio. Insert audiobooks here. Yes, I sometimes flip on music or tune in to the British History Podcast instead, but I have invested much of this time into getting through more books.


Obviously, not everything that I do in the name of bibliophilia would suit everyone, but if getting through more books on your to-read shelf is one of your goals for 2014 I hope these tips help. What are your favorite ways to squeeze in reading time?