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Review: Stories by David Pilling

Stories - David Pilling

I have read a few of Pilling's works of historical fiction which take place during the Plantagenet era. They were fabulous stories of realistic fiction in a style comparable to Bernard Cornwell, and I would highly recommend them. I am not much of a short story reader, but since I had enjoyed this author's writing (and it didn't hurt that this was free), I decided to give Stories a try.

Most of these stories have some sort of fantasy element to go along with the historical setting, something like George RR Martin's work. That kind of thing doesn't do much for me. I prefer my history without devil worshippers, imps, and wood-sprites, though the work of faeries may be the best explanation I have heard for the actions of Stanley at Bosworth field. If you enjoy this genre of stories, then you will enjoy Pilling's work. He is a fabulously skilled writer.

The stories included vary in length, but many are quite short, making this a good little time filler for when you are waiting in line or have a few moments and want to do something more meaningful than play Candy Crush. The topics covered include everything from the legends of Arthur and Robin Hood to the Tudors, the English Civil War and World War I. Most have a rather sinister twist to the stories you may be familiar with and include some sort of zombies, phantom, or other magical creature that has a hand in the outcome. If you enjoy a little fantastical twist to your historical fiction, I would recommend David Pilling's Stories.