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To E-Read or Not to E-Read?

I asked for a Kindle for Christmas. This is a gift that various members of my family had been attempting to press upon me for years, but I had held fast to my lovely dead tree books.


Then I became aware of free Kindle books . . . author promos . . . daily countdown deals . . . . NetGalley. I know that some people are not fans of Amazon, but I love them. In the four months I have owned this tiny electronic library, I have accumulated around 350 books that I have about $20 into. I will always adore and horde my beautiful paperbacks and hardcovers, but have been forced to admit that there is indeed a place for ebooks.


Which brings me to my question.


How do you decide which format to buy? A few short months ago, I would have said, "That's easy. If the Kindle version is 0-$0.99, you get that one. Otherwise buy a 'real book.'" But now I find myself faced with difficult decisions like a Kindle sale for $2.99, but I can get a new paperback with Prime for only $6.00 or a used copy for about $4.00. How much more is it worth to have a 'real book'? What if that physical copy is used?


Oh, dear readers, I just don't know what to do! Which stack of hundreds of unread books do I add this latest novel to?