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DNF: The King's Favourite Son

The King's Favourite Son - Jan Foxall

This novel is the first of a trilogy about the infamous King John, son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Though the history of each of these people is filled with the ingredients for amazing historical fiction, this author failed to captivate me. I read 50% of this book but already found myself skimming, annoyed by Henry & Eleanor's bickering and John's whining. The book begins when John is 9 years old. At the point I quit, he was 17, and his character's voice had not noticeably changed, making it a little creepy when he whimpered to his 'Pappa' about having impregnated a servant girl. 


This is author has several other novels including the other two in this series, so she must have a following, but I will not be counting myself among them.