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Review: Seeking Wisdom from God: A Quest for Truth by Thomas Walker

Seeking Wisdom from God: A Quest for Truth - Thomas H. Walker

You know that guy in your Bible study class who always has something to add? Sometimes it is profound, but other times makes you raise an eyebrow in uncertainty. That was sort of how I felt reading this book.


I read this a chapter at a time as a summer devotional, and it really is a little heavy for reading too much in one sitting. I appreciated that it was not made up of the easy to read "fluff" that makes up many devotionals. Walker approaches many Biblical topics with honesty, personal examples, and a willingness to take a fresh look at scripture.


While I did not necessarily agree with every point that the author made and felt that some chapters rambled on a bit, I did appreciate the thought provoking nature of this book and the questions that Walker forces the reader to ask themselves. For example, in chapter 6 "Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood," I was expecting a discussion on communion. Instead, Walker makes his case for the idea that the Crucifixion cross was created out of wood from the Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden. This is certainly not a thought that I had previously entertained, but it was interesting to consider the author's thoughts on this matter and several others.


Seeking Wisdom from God is not a quick read and probably is not appropriate for a new believer, who would likely be confused by much of the content, but if you are a seasoned reader of scripture looking for a book that will make you think, you will enjoy this.


I thank the author, Thomas Walker, for providing a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.